Many of us have trouble doing what we need to do simply because we cannot center ourselves. Whether we are becoming angry, upset, anxious or we simply can't concentrate, it is important that we learn to calm ourselves before taking action or making decisions in a flustered state. There are so many ways to calm and…Read more Calm


How to Love Yourself

No body is perfect. Even seemingly perfect people seem to have features that they don't think are perfect. This is understandable because there is always something that we could do better. Even the best have something to strive for. However, not being body perfect doesn't mean that you are any less than the next person and you…Read more How to Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Before there can be health and beauty, there must first be love and acceptance. If you want to flourish in any aspect of life and be truly happy, what you do must come from a place of love. This truth applies to you no matter what type of journey you find yourself on. Whether you are setting…Read more Love Yourself


Get Started

Starting is the first step to any journey and sometimes it's the hardest. The reason that it can be so difficult to begin is that it can be hard to imagine ourselves doing things that we have never done. For example: You have probably never done a standing triple back tuck arabesque landing in a full split.…Read more Get Started