Everyone has something that they love to do. Most people have hobbies outside of their normal daily necessities that simply brings them joy to indulge in. We often refer to these as hobbies. A hobby is an activity that  someone engages in during their leisure time simply for the fun of it and  hobbies can run the gambit of activity from absolutely idle to fully engaged and active. Hobbies provide us with a chance to take a break while also offering the satisfaction of getting something done. Have them can give life a sense of balance that it would, otherwise, lack.


Solitary Hobbies

Oftentimes, people engage in hobbies during their alone time. We all need time to unwind and be with ourselves. Hobbies like reading and writing require little to know physical activity and can give you a good mental workout. Stimulating your brain has been linked to improved memory and reduced stress. Writing is also a great outlet for creativity and should you choose to share your musings with others, you are likely to build your social circle, filling it with more like minded people with which to share your hobbies if you so choose.


Social Hobbies

Social hobbies are activities that lend themselves to group activity and bonding. Hobbies like these are know to add social support to the lives of people who take part in them. Anything that you can do in a group can be considered a social hobby. Book clubs, knitting circles, teams sports, recreational classes all fall into this category. Social hobbies give you all the benefits of your hobby with the added bonus of socialization attached. You get to bond and grow with people who share your interests and work with them to achieve a common goal.


Creative hobbies

Creative hobbies like art and music also double as an outstanding creative outlet for lots of people. They are good conversation starters that can be of interest to the people around you. People tend to bond immensely with others who share their taste in art and music. Having an artistic hobby can give you a chance to show off and bond with to others who can appreciate it. Model building, painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument all fall under this creative umbrella and they can also prove to be quite lucrative hobbies for people with great talent.


Active Hobbies

Active hobbies run their own wide range and can include both social and solitary activities. They all so have the added advantage of including physical activity that can have its own benefits. Active hobbies can include low impact physical activity such as tai chi or yoga. Activities like these are great for people who are not partial ti high impact exercise but like to get moving. They are also perfect for increasing flexibility and cardiovascular health while decreasing likelihood of stress or damage to joints and muscles. On the other hand, high intensity workouts like HIIT and Cardio offer benefits such as boosting your metabolic rate and your mood.


The greatest thing about hobbies is that there is no stress to be great at them. You can do whatever you want!! All you have to do is get started, Find something that calls out to you and just do it. If it doesn’t move you, there is no pressure to continue. You can try something new until you find yourself in what you are doing. You may even find yourself in simply trying new things. Hobbies are an outlet that everyone should indulge in.

What is your hobby?


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