Respect is an essential part of being human but for some people the concept of giving everyone respect it hard to fathom. The issue here is that there is more than one type of respect. Everyone deserves respect in some way or another. It is possible to respect someone in one way and not another.

One form of respect involves  having some sort of admiration of another. This type of respect is earned and is by no means owed to anyone. Throughout life, you will meet people with skills and talents that you that you find admirable. This could include things that you have in common, things you hope to accomplish or things you just find cool. People usually have this sort of respect for elders and people in positions of power. People can also lose this respect for one another as it is usually  contingent on something that someone has or does. It can also unravel as people begin to show different sides of themselves.

This form of respect is relatively weak and temperamental because it generally hinges on only one aspect of a person’s life. Oftentimes, when people disappoint in some other aspect of their lives respect can be lost as if the two are connected.

Another type of respect comes from understanding. This is a type of respect that everyone deserves and is owed. It is true that we can all have a hard time understanding people entirely but you don’t need to. This type of respect, more simply, requires having the knowledge that ever person is completely unique in experience and personality. With this basic knowledge, we can understand that no person will be like us  and most people will fall short of expectations in many aspects of life.

This form of respect is relatively strong because it applies to everyone equally. The hardest part of this is realizing that, while you may not agree, understanding that every person’s reasoning and feelings based on their experiences and temperament, is valid. You don’t have to agree with or even like a person to respect them.

Finally, respect comes from acceptance. This can be the acceptance of traits or tendencies and habits. Everyone has reasons for the way they are including ourselves. It is important, especially with self-respect that we learn to accept the way people are, whether we agree or not. This type of respect does not need to be earned by others. This type of respect says more about the type of person you are. It requires that you set aside your ego and exepectations.

Our experiences may differ but that is what makes us human. We should not expect others to be like us, only to be themselves and that is worthy of respect. Everyone should be respected as an individual.


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