Sometimes we underestimate out ability to make ourselves happy and yet  when people insist on trying to cheer us up, sometimes we just aren’t ready and may not respond well. Sometimes we just need to be alone. One thing to remember, during these times, is that just because you need to be alone does not mean you need to wallow in your happiness. Here are just a few ways to keep yourself afloat when you are not at your best but you aren’t ready to get up and out of your mood.

  • Smile. Smiling can be one of the hardest things to do in earnest when you are in a mood and trying to socialize before you feel ready. Finding reasons to smile to yourself can be a lot simpler. Even smiling for no reason can help you feel a bit better.
  • Listen to music. whether you listen to music that reflects your mood or elevates it, music is known to release dopamine in the brain. Both listening to and playing music can make you happier and help with motivation to do other things, if you so choose. Any genre of music in the background can help to elevate your mood.
  • Get some sun. If you feel up to it, go outside an soak up some sun. The sun is a natural source of vitamin D. Sunlight also aids in the release of serotonin in the brain. If you aren’t quite up to even a trip to your backyard, open up some windows. Even a little light can be a big lift.
  • exercise. Wether it be a light workout or heavy weightlifting, exercise can be and excellent upper. Weather you are  doing something low impact or super high intensity, exercising releases endorphins and gives you somewhere to focus your energy other than inward.
  • Use affirmations. When dips in your emotions are being unpredictable, having something positive to say to yourself can be the perfect secret weapon. Oftentimes, kind words from yourself can be even more uplifting than the kindest sentiments from others.
  • Give yourself time. If you just aren’t ready, respect that in yourself. Love yourself despite whatever may be going on. You deserve to be happy and even if you don’t feel it right now you are perfectly made and you will survive and thrive. Don’t try to force anything before you feel that it is time.

Everything has its season and seasons of sadness can be just as a part of life as seasons of happiness. It is important to approach these seasons as just that. Realize that this will pass and face it head on. Distract yourself with some of your favorite things and give yourself some time away from the world. Take the opportunity to learn something new, read, watch movies, and have some quality time learning how to love yourself.


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