How to Love Yourself


No body is perfect. Even seemingly perfect people seem to have features that they don’t think are perfect. This is understandable because there is always something that we could do better. Even the best have something to strive for. However, not being body perfect doesn’t mean that you are any less than the next person and you should treat yourself like it.

Your body is perfectly and uniquely yours and no one else will ever have the same beauty, strength, or potential that you do. This is something that you should celebrate every day of your life. Set aside a moment every day to be thankful for being you. It doesn’t have to be at any particular time and you don’t have to say anything in particular. Some days you may need a forty-five-minute pep talk while others, a passing glance at yourself in a store window will suffice. No one else could be you and that is something to be proud of.

Not being in perfect shape does not make you a bad person. No matter what shape you are in you should be striving to be happy and healthy. Do not punish yourself for what you are not, nurture yourself as you are. Do not put yourself on a strict diet and force yourself to do workouts that you hate. Practices like this will only suck the joy out of healthy living. Instead, find healthy foods that you love to replace the junk and do exercises that are fun to you. As you progress, you may find that you want to challenge yourself now and again with a workout that is a little out of your comfort zone,or not. As long as you are always striving to be better you will be at your best.

Every day will not be your best day but, do not let bad days deter you and, whatever you do, do not give up. Your journey is unique to your experience and no to two journies are the same, even if you take them side by side. When you love yourself and practice self care you will be happy. reward yourself every day for being you be nurturing yourself and educating yourself. You deserve the best but it is up to you to go for it. It is up to you to teach yourself how to be yourslef, as silly as that may sound. You can aspire to be someone else but you will always fail. Aspire to be you and you will always be the best.


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